Values and Ethos

Ready, Safe, Respect


Our mission at Kingsley Community Primary & Nursery School is to enure that all of our children develop to fulfill their potential within a safe environment, whilst having repsect for themselves and others. We nurture and support children with this by instilling three key values in every child. By placing emphasis on these core values, we feel children are able to thrive within our school.

The values that we promote within our school are:

  • Ready - The need to be actively ready to learn. Whether it be having the correct equipment out at the start of a lesson, lined up promptly at the end of a break-time, being engaged and on task or simply arriving to school on time; We strive to place added importance on the value of readiness. 

  • Safe - Every child and adult deserves to learn in a safe environment. As studies have shown (DfE 2012); children with a greater level of well-being are more likely to achieve but also more likely to engage in learning. As a school, we foster a stimulating and safe environment, where children are confident enough to share their ideas and feelings with peers and adults, but also are well aware of what 'unsafe' looks like and how to actively report or share this. 

  • Respect - As a school, we vehemently believe that every child is unique and should be respected regardless of views or beliefs. Through using the CORAM scheme of learning, entwined with the No Outsiders scheme and then underpinned with interventions, discussions, our use of language, assemblies and the culture around school; we ensure that all in school and our community are valued. 

We strongly believe that by promoting these core values to our childen, we are helping them to become the best versions of themselves that they can be. 



Alongside our core values, we also promote British Values within our school as part of our everyday practice, creating a democratic, respectful environment.

We understand that we are partners in the education of all of our children. We welcome families into our school to work alongside us in providing the best possible experience for each individual child.


Kingsley Community Primary & Nursery School

Middle Lane, Frodsham, Cheshire, WA6 6TZ

Mrs Sarah Harrison - Headteacher

Tel: 01244 259690


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