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Miss Speed

Miss Speed

Welcome to Team Oak!  

Wow - what a last half term we've just had!  We achieved such a lot - looking back, I hope you are feeling incredibly proud over what you've accomplished!  You were all absolute trojans during our SATs week - the positive attitudes you maintained and the tons of effort you put in - I couldn't have been prouder of you!  Moving to the final week before we broke up - successfully completed our Dragon's Den projects and raising money for our hoodies and treats whilst we are in London!  In total, we earned over £650 in profit - which is fantastic!

London is only a few days away now!  So excited!  Don't forget to be at school bright and early on Wednesday 8th June - we leave school promptly at 7:30am!  Remember your packed lunch!



  • Monday (indoor), Wednesday (outdoor)
  • Indoor kit: shorts, t-shirt, trainers, socks (if tights worn)
  • Outdoor kit: navy/black joggers/ leggings, navy/ black jumper – or school jumper, t-shirt, trainers, socks (if tights worn)
  • Please ensure children have their kit in school on these days and trainers in school throughout the week for the daily mile and ventures into Nature’s Nook.


  • In school each week, children have a group reading session with me and a comprehension reading session with Miss Robinson. When reading with me, they are given a book which we read through together and are given directed pages to read following the session.  Currently, this is done in school, but following half term, children will ask to complete this at home.  I will record the pages needed to be read on GoRead.
  • GoRead – this is our new online reading journal. I record when children read their group book with me.  After half term, we are looking at enabling children to add their own reading, but for now, if you could ensure that you are adding any home reads onto this that would be great.  You can get GoRead as an app!


  • This year, we have moved away from learning ‘lists’ and having a weekly test. Instead, we are having handwriting practise 2 x a week (Monday, Tuesday) and spelling lessons 3 x a week (Wednesday – Friday).
  • Spelling lessons focus on revising and developing our understanding of spelling rules 

Times Tables

  • Please encourage your child to practise their times tables on a frequent basis – they really are the underpinning for many of the maths we study!
  • Times Tables Rockstars is still our main way of practising
  • timestables.co.uk is another fantastic site – particularly for practising focus times tables


  • I’ve started setting the children some maths homework on a Friday, to be brought in the following Friday. I will start to add some English based homework – in the form of spelling/ grammar/ comprehensions after half term.  Please encourage your child with this as it will prepare them for the homework they’ll be set at high school!
  • Children should be bringing home a ‘reading for pleasure’ book from school – this is a book of their choice and doesn’t need to be at ‘their level’ or a ‘certain level of challenge’
  • Children will have a group reading book which they should bring home with them
  • Reading – children can choose to read a book from home, their pages from their group reading book or their reading for pleasure book from school at the minimum three times a week for at least ten minutes

How you can help at home:

  • Times tables practise
  • Mental calculations – practising adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing mentally
  • Practising multiplying and dividing by 10, 100, 1000 mentally
  • Quick fire revision of fraction/ decimal/ percentage equivalences
  • Practise measurement conversions – e.g. 1 litre = 1000ml, 1kg = 1000g, 1m = 100cm, 1cm = 10mm etc
  • Telling the time – children need to be confident with this in order to access the more complex aspects of the curriculum for time for Y6. Children will be solving worded problems involving 12 and 24 hour, reading timetables, calculating time durations amongst other tricky things!
  • Reading – encourage children to read aloud clearly, confidently with expression and intonation. Remind children to follow the punctuation when reading.  Ask them questions to establish their understanding
  • Spelling rule revision
  • Vocabulary – expose your child to tricky and complex vocabulary. Encourage them to use strategies such as reading on in the sentence to try and establish their meaning











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