Chestnut 2018 - 2019

Miss Speed

Welcome to Team Chestnut!

Welcome to Team Chestnut!  We have an action packed year ahead with lots of exciting topics to explore.

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Kingsley Journals

Please ensure these are brought into school daily as this will be the main form of contact between school and home. Please also find your child's weekly spellings and weekly guided reading homeworks in their journals.  Please do not use felt pens or biro in your journals!  


Weekly homework for Team Chestnut is:

-Weekly spellings 

-Daily reading for pleasure

-Guided Reading homework

-Times tables practise

-MyMaths tasks 

Homework can be found in your child's journal in the form of a 'Homework Menu'.  Children receive bookmark stickers for the main and pudding tasks completed, along with their weekly guided reading homework tasks.  A completed bookmark means attendance at the end of term homework celebration treat!

Optional homework:  Bug Club

Your child has the login and passwords in their journals.  I have allocated texts for your children to read.  This is not compulsory and is for children to enjoy books pitched at their reading level.


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Please ensure that PE kits are kept in for the whole week.  Currently, PE days are down as Monday (indoor) and Thursday (outdoor).  This could be changing to Wednesday (indoor) and Thursday (outdoor). 

Trainers will be needed each day for the daily mile.  

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Every Monday morning, we have a half hour session of 'My Happy Mind'.  So far, we have completed the 'Meet your Brain' module.  Ask your child what these parts of the brain are responsible for!  (Pre-frontal cortex, Amygdala and Hippocampus!)  We are learning all about ourselves and how to keep ourselves calm, happy and in the right frame of mind for learning.  When we are upset, stressed, or worried, we know that happy breathing helps to calm us down so we can start to think clearly again.  You can download the app for this on your phone :-) 


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